Design a display or text typeface for an existing organization, using ten letters [H a n d g l o v e s] while considering the formal attributes: construction, shape, proportion, modelling, weight, terminals and decoration.

Project Statement
Introducing, Godot Medium; a brand-new typeface developed for Elon Musk’s tunneling project, The Boring Company. The name Godot comes from the first tunnel boring machine used by the company. The design and inspiration for this typeface is derived from Futura and the “O” in the company’s logo that symbolizes a tunnel. Godot Medium is a geometric sans-serif typeface that utilizes round geometric forms that are evenly weighted. The perfect circles are bold and dynamic, representing the company’s progressive approach to creating solutions that are the most helpful and useful for society. The ascenders of select lower-case letters have been removed creating symmetry to please the eye. The unique thin encroaches of the letters plays tribute to the development process and purpose of tunneling; slowly boring through to make room for social change.


Use of Godot Medium on The Boring Company’s Website

Promotional Poster to advertise The Boring Company’s tunnelling project and rail line using Godot Medium.

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