Select a typeface and design three posters with a supplied body text. Each composition should emphasize each element of letterform, text, and title.
Project Statement
The typeface and single character design selected for this project is Baskerville Regular. Baskerville is a transitional typeface with features that classify it as in-between classical and high contrast modern. It’s large x-heights, and thick stems make it a stable typeface that enables each letter to create a visual impact individually. The typeface’s crisp edges, high contrast in stroke weight, and generous proportions allow it to stand out, but at the same time, it’s soft features and rounded bracketed serifs ensure that it does not overpower other graphic elements that are paired with it. The design approach of the selected type forms allows viewers to observe and focus on specific visual characteristics of the Baskerville typeface and its letterform regardless of the emphasis of the compositions. The proximity of the letterforms with the columns and titles accentuates the characteristics and features of the letters, and any cropped elements give the design a sense of movement.
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