Research and develop a design concept to solve the human-centred design challenge, “How might we support mental health and wellness at Mount Royal University?”
Project Statement
We began the design process by conducting primary and secondary research. We administered primary research with ethnography by observing and interviewing people in the field, as well as subject matter experts. We synthesized our research; and through exhaustive brainstorming and ideation, we formulated an MRU App as a solution to the challenge. We began developing our concept using precedents, personas, storyboarding, user journey maps, and process diagrams. We created an initial design of the App and participated in a concept critique session; and revised the App based on the feedback we received. After revisions, we created a low fidelity prototype and initiated user testing on a sample group of users. Following the user test, our design team debriefed and discussed our learnings and put together a summary of key takeaways and potential modifications to our design, identifying what worked well and what needed to be changed.

In collaboration with Giselle Nolan, Laura Maxwell, and April Cochrane
Design Process

The design process is not a linear process and may require returning to a previous stage to reiterate and revise.

Brainstorm and Ideation
Personas and Storyboarding
User Journey Map
Wireframe and UI Map
Low Fidelity Usability Testing
Concept Development
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