Hello, my name is Steven Tran
I am a second year Information Design student and an aspiring UX/UI Designer that is fascinated about AR/VR.
Before returning to school, I worked in marketing and promotions for over five years while completing my Business Administration Diploma majoring in Marketing as well as the Graphic Design Certificate of Achievement at SAIT. I returned to school with interest in human-centered design. I believe that conceptualizing ideas and considering the perspectives of the users is essential to problem-solving. Without human-centered design, design alone is a byproduct for aesthetics. Human-centered design gives design purpose and meaning by understanding how people interact and function in society in order to help them overcome challenges. It allows us to approach problems with empathy to improve the lives and experience of people through design; because If not humans, who are we designing for?
What is Information Design?
Information design is a relatively new field and may not be known to all. Though sometimes mistaken for Graphic Designers, Information Designers focus on more than just aesthetics. Information Designers are problem seekers and problem solvers. They apply a combination of skills to define, shape, and translate complex and unorganized data into useful information. Information Designers utilize creativity and visual communication skills in order to create understanding. They are able to combine usability and design to help the world to not just see, but understand.
As an Information Designer
I believe that form and function must never compromise for the user. Design to me is the relentless focus on user experience. As an Information Designer, I strive to develop solutions that are not only just understandable and usable but bring pleasure to peoples lives. I have a passion to create solutions for life’s complex problems and produce designs that have an impact on daily life. What I love about Information Design and design in general, is the ability to explore possibilities and make them a reality.